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Media Conference

TV and Radio


  • IODP ECORD Science Operators (ESO)
    • ESO video
  • INVEST Conference in Bremen 
    • INVEST video
  • Discovery Channel Canada Coverage of Chikyu, Challenges to investigate Tohoku earthquake :
  • Drilling Deep for EarthquakesHarold Tobin talks about NanTroSEIZE and JFAST projects when he was interviewed by California Academy of Sciences.

  • Exploring TimeHarold Tobin, New Mexico Tech. (before he became Professor of University of Wisconsin-Madison) explains how Chikyu drills down into fault lines in the ocean floor near Japan to study the geological processes that effect continental plate movement over 100's of millions of years.





IODP Photo Gallery

Drill Pipes (NanTroSEIZE)
Drill Pipes (NanTroSEIZE)
Cores in GCR
Cores in GCR
Poster session (INVEST)
Poster session (INVEST)