Engineering Development

(IODP Engineering Development proposal submission closed in April 2011) 


Many technological developments will be required to achieve the scientific objectives of the IODP. This web page provides proponents interested in developing these technologies with details regarding IODP’s highest priority technological needs and the guidelines for writing and submitting engineering proposals to IODP-MI. The manner in which proposals are submitted, reviewed, and funded by IODP-MI is provided in the IODP-MI Engineering Development Proposal Process document which can also be downloaded below.

Proposal Solicitation

Currently, IODP-MI is not soliciting proposals for specific technologies. Submission of unsolicited proposals that address a near-term engineering focus is encouraged. 

IODP-MI has has identified a near-term engineering focus for each sub-group based on the IODP Technology Roadmap. The three sub-groups are: 

1) Sampling, Logging, and Coring
Near-term engineering focus = Improving systems fundamental to IODP (refinements 
to core barrels, downhole/formation measurements, etc.)
2) Drilling/Vessel Infrastructure
Near-term engineering focus = Understanding the factors that control core quantity and 
quality (rig instrumentation, heave comp, drilling dynamics, etc.)
3) Borehole Infrastructure
Near-term engineering focus = Standardize equipment and or procedures where 
possible (between platforms, observatory configuration, data harvest, well heads, etc.) 

For more information, please refer to the IODP Technology Roadmap and the most recent meeting minutes from IODP’s Engineering Development Panel and Scientific Technology Panel to ascertain the program’s higher priority technological needs.
Links to Engineering Development Documents

Who can submit an engineering development proposal?

Engineering development proposals may be submitted by any individual or entity with all proposals being processed and reviewed equally. Individuals with a real or perceived conflict of interest as defined by the IODP conflict of interest policy (for example, an individual presently serving on an IODP Science Advisory Panel) will not be excluded from proposal submission. Please read and understand the conflict of interest policy.
(IODP Engineering Development proposal submission closed in April 2011)

Should you submit your proposal to IODP-MI or another organization?

Several pathways exist for engineering development funding within and outside the IODP and it is the proponent's responsibilty to direct their proposal to the appropriate funding agency. Suggestions for engineering proposal routing may be found here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Poster session (INVEST)
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Ocean Hall (Smithsonian Museum 2)
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