Expedition 378, South Pacific Paleogene Climate, has been delayed due to an equipment problem. It is now planned to operate with the following new dates and ports: 

Starts: 3 January 2020 in Fiji
Ends: 4 March 2020 in Papeete, Tahiti

Background information from the JR Science Operator: "Inspection of the JR’s propellers during the current dry dock in the Philippines has revealed cracks in both the port and starboard propellers. The cracks are located near the hydraulic plugs on the propeller hubs and are significantly worse on the port one. The ship operator (ODL) explored multiple possibilities for repair – they flew in metallurgists to inspect the damage and advise on repair possibilities. The end result is that new propellers are required. We have worked with the ship operator to examine multiple schedule alternatives given the need to replace the propellers at this time. The new propellers are being made in China will be installed in a dry dock in Hong Kong. We know this is a major disruption for all involved, especially for the South Pacific Paleogene Climate Expedition (378) participants. Please know that the JRSO has explored all possible options."