• Expedition 349 - Placing whole-round cores in the core rack (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 353 - Bringing the last core of the expedition onto the catwalk (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 351 - Lowering the vibration-isolated television (VIT) system into the moonpool (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • The JOIDES Resolution in port in Yokohama, Japan (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 352—Samples selected for postexpedition research (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Examining rock samples at the IODP Bremen Core Repository, Germany (photo by V. Diekamp/MARUM, CC BY-NC-ND)
  • D/V Chikyu (photo courtesy of JAMSTEC; CC BY-NC 4.0)
  • Exp 357 offshore science party (photo by Y. Morono, CC/BY-SA)
  • Deploying the MARUM seabed drill system MeBo70 for Exp 357 (photo by D. Smith/ECORD, CC/BY-SA)

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Submission deadline: October 3, 2016 23:59 GMT

The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) explores Earth's history, structure, dynamics, and deep biosphere using geological samples and data acquired by seafloor drilling, coring, and downhole measurements. Themes of highest priority are described in the IODP Science Plan Illuminating Earth's Past, Present, and Future.

IODP is seeking quality scientific ocean drilling proposals for its three types of drilling platforms that permit operations in a variety of environments: (a) the D/V JOIDES Resolution (JR); (b) the riser-equipped (with riserless option D/V Chikyu; and (c) Mission-Specific Platforms (MSP), which provide a range of technologies for drilling and long coring in various environments not accessible or suitable to JR and Chikyu. 

The JR is planned to operate 10 months per year in 2018 and 2019 under a long-term, global circumnavigation track based on proposal pressure. Future JR expeditions are projected to follow a path from the southwestern Pacific Ocean, through the Southern Ocean, and into the Gulf of Mexico and the Equatorial and South Atlantic, for opportunities for drilling there in 2019 and continuing into 2020. The JR is then expected to operate in the general area of the Atlantic and adjacent seas into 2021. Although JR proposals for any region are welcomed, pre- and full proposals for these future operational areas are strongly encouraged.

MSP expeditions are planned to operate once per year on average, and proposals for any ocean are welcomed. Chikyu operations will be project-based, and new proposals to use Chikyu in riser mode must be Complementary Project Proposals (with cost-sharing). IODP aims to foster joint projects with the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP). We therefore also invite proposals that coordinate drilling on land and at sea.

Proponents are strongly encouraged to contact the platform Science Operators to discuss platform-specific operational and fiscal constraints before developing proposals. 

Next submission deadline (following October 3, 2016) : April 3, 2017



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