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IODP Management International, Inc.
Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
January 2012

This memorandum is a summary of the travel reimbursement guidelines adopted by IODP Management International, Inc. (IODP-MI). For complete details and forms please refer to the IODP-MI Travel Policy. 

The traveler should submit the Report to the IODP-MI Office within thirty (30) calendar days after completion of travel.
For all receipts listed in foreign currency, the traveler should document the exchange rate in effect at the time of purchase. If documentation is not provided, IODP-MI will determine the exchange rate from an appropriate source (i.e., credit card company, bank or other financial institution). Reimbursement will be in U.S. currency except under unusual circumstances.

All travelers:

Per diem rates can be found at the following sites:

Lodging expenses will be reimbursed at actual costs. Moderately priced lodging is the corporate standard. Costs for lodging generally shall not exceed 15% over the US governmentís lodging per diem. Government lodging per diem can be found at the following web sites:

Requests for lodging that are more than 15% more expensive than the government lodging per diem must be supported with a written explanation by the traveler. The explanation must include a description of the effort that was made to obtain less expensive lodging, and why such lodging was not available. The statement ìless expensive lodging was not availableî is inadequate, without further explanation.
For meetings arranged by IODP-MI, IODP-MI will select lodging and will reserve a block of sleeping rooms at a negotiated rate. This information will be included in the meeting and travel logistics distributed via email. If the traveler elects to choose other lodging, the travelerís expenses will be reimbursed to the limit of the pre-selected lodging, unless that is sold out, or approval is otherwise obtained from the IODP-MI Finance Office.

Using the individual receipt basis for meals, a traveler may claim actual meal expenses up to 125% of the per diem allowance averaged for the trip taken as a whole. For this option, a list of all meal expenses and supporting receipts for individual meals more than $25.00 must be attached to the Travel Expense Report. The traveler may use a Meal Log form (Attachment 4-02). Justification for using this methodology must be documented.

Meals and incidentals will be reimbursed at a per diem rate, or on an individual receipt basis. On any trip, either method may be used, but only one method can be used for the entire trip.

Per Diem: Per Diem is a standard fixed amount per day for which a traveler will be reimbursed during the conduct of business travel regardless of the actual expenses incurred. The per diem allowance is intended to cover travel expenses for meals, sales tax, and tips to food servers.
Using the per diem method, the traveler will claim daily reimbursement according to fixed breakout rates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When a meal is furnished at a meeting, per diem should not be claimed for that particular meal. Receipts are not required in order to claim per diem.
Travelers will be notified of the appropriate per diem rates for the cities they will be traveling to in the meeting and travel logistics email. The chart illustrates the per diem meal breakdown for domestic meal rates, based on a daily minimum and maximum total amount, depending on your travel location.

Per diems on the first and last day of travel cannot exceed 75% of the total per diem allowed for a day.
The following web site may be used to obtain meal per Diem information:

On this web page, click on the hypertext in the left-hand column for the appropriate time range. The resulting screen gives more specific dates within that time range, click on the specific time range. The resulting page has the per diem information. In the preface remarks of this page, look for the hypertext link "Appendix B"which then gives the breakdown for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
A receipt from the traveler is required for IODP-MI to reimburse any single miscellaneous expenditure in excess of $25.00.

All international travel must be booked on U.S.-flag air carriers* unless the use of a U.S. flag air carrier would not accomplish the mission of IODP-MI or if a U.S. flag air carrier is considered unavailable because of any of the reasons listed below. This includes any segment of the initial booking and any subsequent changes in routing while en-route.

Travelers will be reimbursed the cost of airfare for coach class accommodations only (or equivalent class, such as economy or tourist class). Coach class tickets must be purchased at the lowest available price for the trip. Nonrefundable tickets must be purchased unless approved by IODP-MI management prior to purchase. Y Class and similar full fare coach tickets will only be reimbursed up to the amount that the lowest fare ticket would have cost. Exceptions to coach class travel may be authorized with prior written consent of IODP-MI under the following conditions:


  1. Space in coach class is not available on a scheduled flight in time to accomplish the purpose of the official travel, which is so urgent that it cannot be postponed.
  2. Premium class accommodations are necessary to accommodate a travelerís disability or physical impairment. This condition must be confirmed by a physician in writing. IODP-MI will provide a form (Attachment 4-05) for this purpose at the traveler's request.
  3. The scheduled flight time (including stopovers) exceeds fourteen (14) hours for direct travel and either the origin or destination point is outside the continental U.S. ***
  4. Coach class accommodations on non-U.S. flag air carriers do not provide adequate sanitation or health standards and the use of a non-U.S. flag air carrier is approved by IODP-MI in conformance with the Transportation Section 3-01, Air Carrier Selection, of this policy.
  5. The use of premium class service results in an overall ticket savings, as compared to the cost of lowest available coach class accommodations.

*** When a flight exceeds 14 hours in duration, IODP-MI may purchase for the traveler, the least expensive economy fare ticket that ensures the traveler is able to use their personal frequent flyer miles to upgrade. If the upgradeable airline ticket cost exceeds a 30% increase over what it would have cost to purchase the least expensive ticket, then this type of fare purchase will not be authorized.

The only exception to the rule above is as follows. With the prior authorization of the President, ìkey personnelî may fly business class no more than once a year for a flight over 14 hours in duration (including stopovers). This is also dependent on the budget status for the year.

The expense of transportation by personally owned vehicle (POV) will be reimbursed on a mileage basis at the prevailing IRS rates. The prevailing reimbursement rate will be printed on the Travel Expense Report. POV mileage reimbursement is based on travel by the most direct route between the departure and destination points.

Unallowable expenses include entertainment, social activities, alcohol, personal items, fines and field trips.

For questions please contact:
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