IODP Publications

The standard IODP publication series Scientific Prospectus, Preliminary Report, and Proceedings for each IODP expedition is written by the science party and published by IODP Publication Services at Texas A&M University. IODP Publication Services also maintains the searchable Scientific Ocean Drilling Bibliographic Database and publishes the following documents and reports: 

Scientific Drilling

Scientific Drilling, sponsored by the International Ocean Discovery Program and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, is the open-access journal dedicated to the latest science and news from scientific drilling and related programs in the geosciences. The inaugural issue was published in 2005. Scientific Drilling delivers peer-reviewed reports from recently scientific drilling projects, reports on engineering/technical developments, workshops, and other news/updates from the community. Scientific Drilling is published by Copernicus GmbH on behalf of German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). 

Scientific Literature

Researchers using IODP samples and data once the moratorium period has passed are encouraged to publish their results in the peer-reviewed literature. They are requested to comply with the following guidelines from the IODP Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy: