Folder IODP-wide Policies/Procedures/Guidelines

Advisory Panels Terms of Reference May 2016

Framework for International Ocean Discovery Program August 2012

Guidelines for Joint Review of Amphibious Drilling Proposals May 2016

Guidelines for the EPSP Safety Review Report and Presentation and Expedition Safety Package August 2013

IODP Depth Scales Terminology April 2011

IODP Environmental Principles August 2013

IODP Guidelines for Site Characterization Data May 2017

IODP Proposal Confidentiality Policy February 2015

IODP Proposal Submission Guidelines May 2017

IODP Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy & Implementation Guidelines July 2014

IODP Site Survey Data Confidentiality Policy February 2015

Using Non-Disclosure Agreements in IODP May 2017