About IODP


The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is an international marine research collaboration that explores Earth's history and dynamics using ocean-going research platforms to recover data recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks and to monitor subseafloor environments. IODP depends on facilities funded by three platform providers with financial contributions from five additional partner agencies. Together, these entities represent 26 nations whose scientists are selected to staff IODP research expeditions conducted throughout the world's oceans.

IODP expeditions are developed from hypothesis-driven science proposals aligned with the program's science plan Illuminating Earth's Past, Present, and Future. The science plan identifies 14 challenge questions in the four areas of climate change, deep life, planetary dynamics, and geohazards. 

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Key Sponsors

Platform Providers:

  • The U.S. National Science Foundation ( NSF
  • Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ( MEXT
  • The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling ( ECORD )

Additional Partners:

  • Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Repulbic of China ( MOST
  • Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources ( KIGAM ) 
  • Australian-New Zealand IODP Consortium ( ANZIC )
  • India Ministry of Earth Science ( MoES )
  • Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel, Brazil ( CAPES )

Other Program Entities


IODP Photo Gallery

Core from Great Barrier Reef
Core from Great Barrier Reef
Greatship Maya
Greatship Maya
Ocean Hall (Smithsonian Museum 1)
Ocean Hall (Smithsonian Museum 1)