Maps depicting sites from different scientific ocean drilling programs (DSDP, ODP, IODP) can be found at

Several .kml files are maintained to display drilled or proposed IODP sites on Google Earth. Download the desired files and open them with Google Earth.

The Drilled Holes file shows the location of all holes drilled during DSDP, ODP, and IODP. Clicking a borehole location provides links to the related expedition publications. This dataset is updated twice a year.

The Recently Completed Expeditions file (updated August 2019) shows the locations of all proposed sites from expeditions that have been completed, but do not yet appear in the Drilled Holes file. Sites are taken from the Scientific Prospectus if possible and do not necessarily represent actual expedition results. Clicking on a location reveals the expedition name, site name/coordinates, expedition dates, reference proposal, platform, co-chiefs, and link to the expedition website.

The Scheduled Expeditions file (reflecting Facility Board decisions as of August 2019) shows the location of all proposed sites for planned expeditions, taken from the Scientific Prospectus if possible. Clicking on a location reveals the expedition name, site name/coordinates, planned dates, original proposal, platform, co-chiefs, and link to the expedition website if available.

The Proposed Sites file shows the location of all sites in Active Proposals (as of August 2019) currently under review or awaiting scheduling by Facility Boards (note that sites from deactivated proposals are not included). Mousing over a borehole location reveals the proposal name, site name/coordinates, lead proponent, review stage, and proposed platform. Sites from revisions, updates, and addenda might not be included. 


Other Drill Site Maps for all IODP programs are periodically maintained and available from the JR Science Operator.