The International Ocean Discovery Program uses the program's drilling platforms for hypothesis-driven science in line with the themes and challenges outlined in the program's Science Plan Illuminating Earth's Past, Present, and Future. Proposals frequently involve collaborations between international researchers from the multiple geoscience disciplines and the lead proponent need not be from an IODP member country. Because proposals will not result in a financial arrangement (contract) with the proponent's institution, they are submitted by the individual investigator and not through the investigator's institution. 

Proposal Submissions

A Call for Proposals is agreed upon between the IODP Facility Boards and released by the IODP Science Support Office, usually for two proposal submission deadlines (April and October) per year. Currently, the deadline for submitting site data is one month after the proposal submission deadline. 

Proposed drill sites must be supported by site characterization data that builds confidence that the targets are correctly identified, achievable, and safe.

Drilling proposals are peer-reviewed within the IODP framework by the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) aided by anonymous external reviewers in a process facilitated by the Science Support Office. SEP typically meets in January and June and reports containing the outcome of the review are sent to the lead proponent by the Science Support Office within one month of the panel meeting. 

Expedition Scheduling

At annual scheduling meetings, the IODP Facility Boards consider drilling proposals that have been forwarded by the Science Evaluation Panel. Once a proposal is with a Facility Board for consideration, the Board may ask for further refinements/changes or may change the scope of a proposal to be compatible with the platform capability or operating budget. When a proposal is scheduled or close to being scheduled, the Facility Board will request a safety review by the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel or an equivalent panel. 

Proposals are developed into research expeditions by the platform science operator in accordance with the IODP Principles of Scientific Investigation. Recent examples of successful proposals can be found on the expedition pages. Detailed guidance on proposal contents is found in the  IODP Proposal Submission Guidelines.


Next Proposal Submission Deadline: April 1, 2021, 23:59 UTC

The Proposal Database System (PDB) is the web-based interface for completing and submitting IODP proposals and RFI responses. PDB offers specific guidance and many proposal components are now created interactively; proponents are advised to begin working with PDB as soon as a proposal is planned. Please note that simultaneous users are not well supported; generally, the proposal lead is the most appropriate person to access PDB and submit a proposal. Complete proposal preparation guidance, format requirements, and review policies are explained in the IODP Proposal Submission Guidelines.

Call for Scientific Ocean Drilling Proposals is usually published at least two months in advance of the deadline with specifics about what types proposals are being sought. Read the Call for Proposals carefully before proceeding - not all proposal types are being accepted at this time. Proponents are strongly encouraged to contact the Science Operators to discuss platform-specific operational and fiscal constraints before developing proposals. The IODP Proposal Manager has sole authority to accept proposals or grant exceptions to deadlines and policies.

IODP is also accepting responses to the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board's request for information (RFI) to understand the international scientific community’s intent to propose to the 2050 Science Framework. Submissions to the RFI require completing an online form in the PDB that simply asks about science goals that would be addressed by your future proposal, the region that would be studied, and some additional planning information. Submit by April 30, 2021 for consideration by the JRFB's Working Group on Science Framework Proposals and Requirements, and by June 10, 2021 for consideration by the JRFB. You may submit more than one response.

To submit a drilling proposal or RFI response:

Most types of proposals also require the submission of site characterization data to the Site Survey Data Bank. 

Proponents with questions about submitting proposals can contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

IODP proposals are considered Active when they are under review by the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP), being considered for scheduling by the program's Facility Boards (JRFB, EFB, CIB), or in the SEP Holding Bin (HB). Proposals that have been unresponsive for 5 years are subject to deactivation. This table is updated after SEP reviews are released and after each Facility Board meeting, and you can download graphs and pie charts of proposal statistics. (last updated March 2021)

Proposal Number Type Short Title Lead Proponent Platform Ocean Basin Stage
522 Full5  Superfast Spreading Crust Teagle JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
537 CDP7 Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project Overview von Huene Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Pacific FBs
537B Full4 Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project Phase B Ranero Chikyu Pacific CIB
549 Full6 Northern Arabian Sea Monsoon Lückge JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
595 Full4 Indus Fan and Murray Ridge Clift JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
618 Full3 East Asia Margin Clift JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
633 Full2 Costa Rica Mud Mounds Brückmann JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
637 Full2 New England Shelf Hydrogeology Person Mission Specific Platform Atlantic EFB
698 Full3 Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc Middle Crust Tatsumi Chikyu Pacific CIB
708 Full Central Arctic Paleoceanography Stein Mission Specific Platform Arctic Exp377
716 Full2 Hawaiian Drowned Reefs Webster Mission Specific Platform Pacific Exp389
724 Full Gulf of Aden Faunal Evolution de Menocal JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
730 Full2 Sabine Bank Sea Level Taylor Mission Specific Platform Pacific EFB
732 Full2 Antarctic Peninsula Sediment Drifts Channell JOIDES Resolution Southern JRFB
770 Full3 Kanto Asperity Project: Observatories Sato JOIDES Resolution Pacific HB
771 Full2 Iberian Margin Paleoclimate Hodell JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
777 APL3 Okinawa Trough Quaternary Paleoceanography Lee JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
778 Full2 Tanzania Margin Paleoclimate Transect Wade JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
781 MDP Hikurangi Subduction Margin Wallace Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Pacific FBs
781B Full Hikurangi: Riser Wallace Chikyu Pacific CIB
791 APL2 Continental Margin Methane Cycling Malinverno JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
796 ADP NADIR: Nice Amphibious Drilling Kopf Mission Specific Platform Mediterranean SEP
800 MDP Indian Ridge Moho Dick Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
805 MDP MoHole to the Mantle Umino Chikyu Pacific SEP
813 Full Antarctic Cenozoic Paleoclimate Williams Mission Specific Platform Southern Exp373
830 APL2 Scott Plateau Microbial Interaction D'Hondt JOIDES Resolution Indian JRFB
834 Full2 Agulhas-Transkei Transect Uenzelmann-Neben JOIDES Resolution Indian Exp392
835 Full2 Japan Trench Tsunamigenesis Kodaira Chikyu Pacific CIB
848 Full Weddell Sea History Weber JOIDES Resolution Southern SEP
851 Full Cenozoic Northwest Atlantic Transect Lyle JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
853 Full2 South Atlantic Transect Coggon JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp390/393
857 MDP2 DREAM: Mediterranean Salt Giant Camerlenghi Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean SEP
857B Pre DREAM: Balearic Promontory Lofi JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean SEP
857C Full2 DREAM: Lago-Mare Deposits Bertoni JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean JRFB
859 Full2 Amazon Margin Drilling Baker JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp387
864 Full2 Equatorial Atlantic Gateway Dunkley Jones JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp388
866 Full2 Japan Trench Paleoseismology Strasser Mission Specific Platform Pacific Exp386
871 CPP2 Lord Howe Rise Continental Ribbon Hackney Chikyu Pacific CIB
874 Full2 Neogene Newfoundland Sediment Drifts Friedrich JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
876 Pre Bend-Fault Serpentinization Phipps-Morgan Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
885 Full2 Ulleung Basin Landslides Bahk JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
890 Full2 Walvis Ridge Hotspot Sager JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp391
892 Full2 Reykjanes Mantle Convection Parnell-Turner JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp395
895 ADP3 Mediterranean-Atlantic Gateway Exchange Flecker JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean JRFB
898 Pre Fore Arc Mohole-to-Mantle Michibayashi Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
900 Pre Rainbow Massif Hydrothermalism Andreani JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
908 APL Costa Rica Megathrust Fluid-Pressure Bangs JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
909 Full2 NW Greenland Glaciated Margin Knutz JOIDES Resolution Arctic JRFB
910 Full2 Continental Margin Methane Cycling: Rio Grande Malinverno JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp394
911 Full Argentine Margin Paleoceanographic Transects Wright JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
917 Pre Florida Straits Gateway Record Lowery JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
918 Pre Southern Ocean Climate Evolution Ikehara JOIDES Resolution Southern SEP
921 APL Hole 896A Biosphere Restoration Orcutt JOIDES Resolution Pacific JRFB
924 Pre Chatham Rise Geologic CO2 Release Stott JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
926 Pre Great Australian Bight Reflux Brines Wortmann JOIDES Resolution Indian SEP
927 Full2 Tyrrhenian Continent-Ocean Transition Zitellini JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean HB
929 Full2 Blake Nose Subseafloor Life D'Hondt JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
931 Pre East Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution Shevenell Mission Specific Platform Southern SEP
932 Full Hellenic Arc Volcanic Field Druitt JOIDES Resolution Mediterranean JRFB
935 Full Arctic Fluid Flow Systems Bünz JOIDES Resolution Arctic SEP
937 Full2 Deepening Hole U1309D McCaig JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
939 APL3 Tohoku Petit-Spot Magmatism Yamaguchi Chikyu Pacific CIB
941 Full2 Godzilla Megamullion Lithosphere Architecture Ohara Chikyu and JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
943 Full Galicia Margin Rifting Reston JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
944 Full2 Mid-Norwegian Continental Margin Magmatism Huismans JOIDES Resolution Atlantic Exp396
945 Full2 Brazilian Equatorial Margin Paleoceanography Jovane JOIDES Resolution Atlantic HB
947 MDP Cascadia Borehole Observatories Tobin JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
947B Pre Cascadia Borehole Observatories: Oregon Wilcock JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
951 Full North Hawaiian Arch Crust Umino Chikyu Pacific SEP
953 Pre Australian-Antarctic Rift-Drift Bijl JOIDES Resolution Southern SEP
954 APL East Fram Strait Paleo Archive Lucchi JOIDES Resolution Arctic SEP
955 Full2 Axial Seamount Observatory Huber JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
959 Pre Hikurangi Megathrust Along-Strike Variability Fagereng JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
961 APL2 Gulf of Mexico Glacier-Methane Link Cook JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
962 Full Greenland Ice Sheet Stoner JOIDES Resolution Atlantic JRFB
963 Pre NE Pacific Margin Paleoenvironment Walczak JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
965 Pre Jurassic-Cretaceous Paleoceanography (Leg 1/11) Leckie JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
967 Full2 Ontong Java Nui LP Sano JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
969 Pre Huatung Basin Mesozoic Ocean Relics Huang JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
971 Full Kane Megamullion Deep Drilling Dick JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
972 APL2 New England Slope Hydrogeology Dugan JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
973 Full2 NW Africa Neogene Climate Bickert JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
976 Full2 North Iceland Rift Propagation Larsen JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
979 Full2 Arctic Atlantic Gateway Paleoclimate Geissler JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
980 APL2 Guatemala Basin Hydrothermal Pits Becker JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
983 Pre Kerguelen Plateau Climate Chronicles Westerhold JOIDES Resolution Indian SEP
984 Pre Chile Megathrust Bangs JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
985 Full2 Eastern Fram Strait Paleo-archive Lucchi JOIDES Resolution Atlantic SEP
990 Full Hyuga-Nada Observatory Nakata JOIDES Resolution or Chikyu Pacific SEP
992 Pre Prince William Sound Subduction and Climate Haeussler JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
993 Pre Havre Trough Backarc Formation Caratori Tontini JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
995 Pre Canterbury Bight Offshore Freshened Groundwater Micallef Mission Specific Platform Pacific SEP
997 Pre Mariana Trench Water-Rock Interaction Wang JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP
998 Pre Antarctic Cryosphere Origins McKay JOIDES Resolution Southern SEP
999 Pre New Caledonia Ophiolite L2S Godard JOIDES Resolution Pacific SEP

Next Data Submission Deadline: May 3, 2021, 23:59 UTC

The Site Survey Data Bank (SSDB) is the system through which site characterization data supporting the IODP proposals, such as seismic profiles, are submitted. Data files submitted to the deadline immediately following a proposal submission deadline are reviewed together with the proposal by the Science Evaluation Panel. While the SSDB is considered an open resource for those developing drilling proposals, proponents have the option of restricting access to their proprietary data as discussed in the Standard IODP Confidentiality Policy

After a proposal is accepted, the Science Support Office will set up the proposed sites in the SSDB and contact the lead proponent when the system is ready for data uploads. Data submissions must then be submitted by the deadline. Data submissions must follow the format policies and other regulations specified in the IODP Site Characterization GuidelinesDue to the time required for quality control procedures, data files uploaded after the deadline will be reviewed at the discretion of the Science Support Office. 

To submit data:

Proponents can contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance. 



This table is a quick reference of required components of the different types of IODP proposals. Complete information is found in the Proposal Submission Guidelines. Note: Site Forms are generated interactively through the online proposal submission system, PDB.

Proposal Type Preliminary Proposal Full Proposal* Ancillary Project Letter (APL) Addendum Proponent Response Letter (PRL)

Abstract: 400 words or less (not necessary for PRL)
Scientific Objectives: 250 words or less (not necessary for PRL)
Figures: Cannot be larger than a single page A4 or US Letter
In-text References: Must be (Author, year) and not numerical superscripts
For all text pages:
Font size - 11 or 12 point, line spacing 1.5, margin - 2.5 cm (minimum) all around

Maximum Image 

and File Sizes

Single Site Figure PDF: Maximum 10 Megabytes (MB)

Main Text PDF including Figures (other than the Site Figure): Maximum 15 MB


1 April and 1 October (unless otherwise noted), 23:59 UTC

As requested

Main Text

Up to 4,500 words

Up to 10,000 words

Up to 2,500 words

Up to 4,000 words

Up to 2,500 words

Figures & Tables**

Up to 8

Up to 12

Up to 5

Up to 8

Up to 5

List of Proponents




Required if new proponents are added


List of Potential Reviewers






Curriculum Vitae (CV)




Required if new proponents are added


Proposal Cover Sheet






Site Forms

  1: General

  2: Site Survey

  4: Environmental

  5: Lithologies

Site Figure

Form 1 is Required

Forms 1, 2, 4, 5 and Site Figure are Required***

Forms 1, 2, 4, 5 and Site Figure are Required

Forms 1, 2, 4, 5 and Site Figure are Required for New Sites


How to Submit

All proposal types must be created and submitted using the Proposal Database SystemSite characterization data must be uploaded via the Site Survey Data Bank. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about submissions. 

* Full Proposal also includes the sub-types of Multi-phase Drilling Project (MDP), Complementary Project Proposal (CPP). See separate table in the IODP Proposal Guidelines for Land-2-Sea proposals. 

** Figures and Tables are part of the user-uploaded Main Text pdf. They are not uploaded as separate documents. 

*** Detailed site descriptions are not required for MDP, but general site identification is encouraged.