The IODP Platform Providers have established Facility Boards to make or inform decisions on the effective use of the drilling facilities in fulfilling the objectives of the IODP Science Plan, including updates to the Expedition Schedule. Facility Boards generally meet annually. 

All of the Facility Boards make use of the JRFB's advisory panels - the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) and the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP) - to evaluate the science, sites, environmental protection, and safety of proposed expeditions. The JRFB also established the Working Group on Science Framework Proposal Requirements and Assessments (WG-SFP) to consider requirements and review processes for proposals that would use a proposed U.S. global ranging, non-riser drilling platform to address the 2050 Science Framework, and it established the Working Group on Virtual Expeditions (WG-VE) to explore programs that would use legacy assets of the scientific ocean drilling programs.