IODP cores - physical samples drilled from the seafloor - are stored and curated at core repositories funded by the platform providers. Cores are assigned to specific repositories based on their ocean of origin as shown below. After the expedition moratorium period, core samples may be requested for scientific research. A Curatorial Advisory Board makes final decisions regarding distribution of IODP samples. 

Geographic Assignment of Core Samples to Repositories

Repository Institution Amount of Core Program(s) Generating Core Geographic Location
GCR Texas A&M University 140 km DSDP, ODP, and IODP Pacific (Pacific plate east of western boundary); Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico; Southern Oceans (S of 60º except Kerguelan Plateau)
BCR University of Bremen 155 km DSDP, ODP, and IODP Atlantic and Arctic Oceans (north of Bering Strait); Mediterranean, Black, and Baltic Seas
KCC Kochi University 134 km DSDP, ODP, and IODP Pacific (west of western boundary of Pacific plate); Indian Ocean (N of 60ºS), all of Kerguelan Plateau, and the Bering Sea
Rutgers/NJGS Rutgers/NJGS 4.1 km ODP Leg 150X & 174AX Land-based New Jersey and Delaware cores

DSDP: Deep Sea Drilling Program  ODP: Ocean Drilling Program  IODP: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program / International Ocean Discovery Program 

U. Röhl adapted from Firth, JV, Gupta, LP and Röhl, U (2009) New focus on the Tales of the Earth - Legacy Cores Redistribution Project Completed. Scientific Drilling, 7. 31-33. doi:10.2204/ [Map Mar 15, 2016]. Retrieved from