Workshops are often used to develop new drilling proposals that can optimize possible science through use of IODP’s platforms or to synthesize research results. IODP does not have a central funding source for workshops. Proponents can contact their PMO, funding agencies, and other sources for more information on their funding opportunities, including USSSP's IODP Workshop Program and the MagellanPlus Workshop Series Programme. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to post an announcement about an IODP-related workshop on this page.


  • Advancing Scientific Ocean Drilling IMPACT (June 14-15, 2022; Washington, DC). Conveners: Don Haas (Paleontological Research Institution), Lisa White (University of California Museum of Paleontology), Sharon Cooper (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory), Carol Cotterill (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory), Laura Guertin (Penn State Brandywine), Kira Homola (University of Rhode Island), Brittany Hupp (Oregon State University), Adriane Lam (Binghamton University), Jonathan C. Lewis (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Mitch Schulte (NASA), and Kristen St. John (James Madison University)
  • TIMOR: Tracing Monsoon, Ocean Currents, and Diagenetic Carbon Redistribution (May 19-22, 2022; Vienna, Austria). Conveners: Uwe Balthasar (University of Plymouth), Jennifer Biddle (University of Delaware), Clara Bolton (CEREGE), Hal Bradbury (University of Cambridge), David De Vleeschouwer (University of Münster), Ann Holbourn (University of Kiel), Wolfgang Kuhnt (University of Kiel), Axel Munnecke (University of Erlangen), Theresa Nohl (University of Erlangen), Kirstie Wright (Consultant Geoscientist), and Martin Zuschin (University of Vienna).
  • Mission-Specific Platform Approaches to Assessing Natural Hazards that Impact Society (July 7-9, 2022; Lisbon, Portugal). Conveners: Hugh Daigle (University of Texas at Austin), João Duarte (University of Lisbon), Ake Fagereng (Cardiff University), Raphaël Paris (University of Clermont Auvergne), and Patricia Persaud (Louisiana State University).
  • IODP Drilling off the Belize Barrier Reef to Reconstruct Postglacial Environmental Changes (July 8-10, 2022; Frankfurt am Main, Germany). Conveners: Eberhard Gischler (Goethe University), Flavio Anselmetti (University of Bern), and Stefano Fabbri (University of Bern).
  • COSNICA: The Life Cycle of a Microplate at a Convergent Margin (September 28-30, 2022; Graz, Austria). Conveners: Walter Kurz (University of Graz). Steffen Kutterolf (GEOMAR), Jennifer Brandstätter (University of Graz), and Paola Vannucchi (Universitá degli Studi).
  • Northeast Greenland: Unlocking Records from Sea to Land (November 21-23, 2022; Copenhagen, Denmark). Conveners: Lara F. Pérez (GEUS), Paul C. Knutz (GEUS), John Hopper (GEUS), Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz (Aarhus University), and Matt O'Regan (Stockholm University).

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