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0 Keynote - Drilling the MOHOLE - More Difficult than Landing Men on the Moon? - Donald A. Beattie (pdf, 1.02 MB) Download (pdf)
1 Attempts to Reach the Pristine Mantle - K. Suyehiro (pdf, 4.10 MB) Download (pdf)
10 Present Technological Capabilities Limitations and Discussion - Myers (pdf, 3.56 MB) Download (pdf)
11 An Introduction to Drilling Fluid and Making Deep Holes - Freeman (pdf, 1.96 MB) Download (pdf)
12 What is Riserless Mud Recovery? - Cohen (pdf, 834 KB) Download (pdf)
13 Self-sinking Capsules to Investigate Earth's Interior - Ojovan (pdf, 2.47 MB) Download (pdf)
14 ROVs and Sea Basing - Oceaneering - Karl (pdf, 6.34 MB) Download (pdf)
15 Beyond Ultra Deep Drilling Successes, Obstacles, and a Path Forward - Kotrla (pdf, 1.28 MB) Download (pdf)
16 Managing the Project - Thorogood (pdf, 840 KB) Download (pdf)
2 Unanswered Questions in Deep Carbon Research - Hazen (pdf, 26.05 MB) Download (pdf)
3 REFLEX: Deep Carbon Reservoirs, Fluxes, and Experiments - Erik (pdf, 4.24 MB) Download (pdf)
4 Oceanic Moho and Mantle: What We Learned from Recent Active Source Seismic Studies - Kodaira (pdf, 14.11 MB) Download (pdf)
5 The MoHole: A Crustal Journey and Mantle Quest - Ildefonse (pdf, 17.15 MB) Download (pdf)
6 Linking in-situ Information to Global and Planetary Scale Processes - Blackman (pdf, 5.67 MB) Download (pdf)
7 Mantle Dynamics and Geochemical Cycle: What can Ocean Drilling Contribute? - Tatsumi (pdf, 7.29 MB) Download (pdf)
8 Extent of Microbial Life in the Deep Biosphere - Schrenk (pdf, 2.60 MB) Download (pdf)
9 Deep Energy Environment and Climate: How Deep is Your Carbon? or How Deep is Your Pristine Mantle - Keleman (pdf, 7.21 MB) Download (pdf)